SPARK a robotic sketching arm

SPARK is a 3DOF ROS based robotic arm capable of sketching any image given to it as input. The robot takes an input image, converts it to binary format, uses the binary image to decide where to draw the pixels, and ultimately creates a sketch of the input image!!


I liked sketching in childhood, but I was never so good at it. Although drawing is fun as a hobby, drawing accurate engineering figures using numerous tools was something I never enjoyed. That’s when the idea for SPARK came to my mind. I thought of making a robot that could do all these complicated drawings, and I could do some other work.

Project in brief

ROS based project consisting of three significant nodes.

Spark version 1.0 in action

Update Version 2.0

Closed-loop control (using only vision-based feedback) system integrated with ROS

Results for P controller

Results for PD controller

Update Version 3.0

OpenAI gym and ROS compatible robotic arm simulator for RL and DL based experiments.

Shadow mode feature of the simulator

Draw mode feature showing contour based drawing algorithm

Future Work

Project page template inspired from GradSLAM.